Thursday, February 26, 2009

Inspiration, please?

Hello everyone,
geee! I'm lack of updates, recently, really don't have the mood to do with the banners or updates.
No inspiration at all.

Just change the blog layout and trying to do something with the banner, unfortunately, it didn't turn out so well. Well, practise makes perfect ;)

I'm tired of watching the gem of life. Don't you guys feel that it's too long? I started to feel sick and bored of it. The story line is boring , I guess..anyway,I will finish it! On the other hand, I'm still watching the salt in sweetness.. It was nice, and I guess I will finish it asap if I have time. I am going to watch E.U and the Greatness of Hero soon. It looks nice and the stories seems like very interesting..

I wonder if anyone reads my blog?

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