Friday, April 10, 2009

quick update.

Ahh~ It's been a while since I last logged in my blog.I'm currently watching E.U and Da Dong Gua and Gem Of Life(Episode 70! 12 more to go~).. E.U is nice, and the story line is good,it makes me feel excited to watch it! :P

Da dong gua, hmm..Im a bit disappointed with it,I expect it would be interesting,but I found it a bit boring after watching few episodes.

The Gem Of life, yeaa,it's quite excited at the last part. haha! but still, it's really too long for me..have been watching it for few mths already and yet still not able to finish it! ><

Hahaha, just a short update here.I'm stuck in my school life, not able to update and watch series that often! Ahhh~

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